Fundamental Level (40 Hours)

CoursesPrerequisite course
1Basic for Python Programing
2Introduction to Linux
3Introduction to KaggleBasic for Python Programing
4Introduction to Google ColabBasic for Python Programing
5Introduction to GithubBasic for Python Programing
6Mathematics for AI
7Introduction to Classical Machine LearningMathematics for AI
8Ensemble MethodMathematics for AI
9Introduction to Neural Network and Deep LearningMathematics for AI
10Introduction to Natural Language ProcessingBasic for Python Programing
11Introduction to Image processing and Computer visionBasic for Python Programing
12Introduction to Signal processingBasic for Python Programing
13Introduction to Data scienceBasic for Python Programing
14Introduction to Internet of ThingsBasic for Python Programing
15Introduction to RoboticsBasic for Python Programing

Intermediate Level (80 Hours)

CoursesPrerequisite course
1Advanced to Mathematics for AIMathematics for AI
2Advanced to Classical Machine LearningIntroduction to Classical Machine Learning
3Advanced to Neural Network and Deep LearningIntroduction to Neural Network and DL
4Introduction to Point Cloud (Digital Geometry Processing)Introduction to Image processing and CV
5Introduction to Point Cloud (2D-3D Reconstruction)Digital Geometry Processing
6Introduction to Point Cloud (3D Deep Learning and PointNet)2D-3D Reconstruction
7One-Class-ClassificaionIntroduction to Image processing and CV
8Principal Component Analysis (PCA)Mathematics for AI
9Hidden Markov Model (HMM)Mathematics for AI
10Acoustic Speech Recognition (ASR)Hidden Markov Model
11Natural Language Processing (Computational linguistics)Introduction to Natural Language Processing
12Natural Language Processing (Automata)Introduction to Natural Language Processing
13Natural Language Processing (Text Processing)Introduction to Natural Language Processing
14Natural Language Processing (Question-Answering)Introduction to Natural Language Processing
15Natural Language Processing (Machine Translation)Introduction to Natural Language Processing
16Natural Language Processing (Web Scraping and Document Classification)Introduction to Natural Language Processing
17Stock Manipulation (Recurrent Neural Network)Introduction to Data science
18Finance Focus on Reinforcement LearningIntroduction to Neural Network and DL
19Advanced to Internet of ThingsIntroduction to Internet of Things
20Advanced to Robotics (Robot Kinematic)Introduction to Robotics
21Introduction to DeploymentIntroduction to Linux
22Introduction to DockerIntroduction to Linux
23Microservices and Docker ComposeIntroduction to Linux
24High Performance Computing (ThaiSC)
25Advanced Ensemble MethodsEnsemble Method
26Advanced Image ProcessingIntroduction to Image processing and Computer vision

Applied Level

Courses Prerequisite course
1Applied to Natural Language Processing
2Applied to Image Processing
3Applied to Signal Processing
4Applied to Data Science
5Applied to Internet of Thing
6Applied to Robotics